Planeswalker’s Library Mana Point Rewards Program

Welcome Planeswalker! We at Planeswalker’s Library are pleased to introduce you to the new rewards program to reward our loyal customers! Starting March 1st, 2012, you’ll be able to earn Mana Points with each purchase you make, which you can collect in your Mana Pool and then later redeem for a variety of items at Planeswalker’s Library. Not only that, but the total number of Mana Points that you’ve collected will accumulate over time and you’ll move up through our customer recognition tiers, gaining access to a host of great things like a wider range of merchandise redeemable for Mana Points or the ability to place preorders for upcoming Magic: The Gathering sets. Our rewards program is completely free; all you’ll have to do is sign up for a free account with us so we can keep track of your points. If you already have an account, don’t worry! You’ll automatically start earning points on all your purchases. If you’d rather not take advantage of this great program, simply make your purchases without signing into your account.

Points Earned at Purchase

Starting March 1st, 2012, you’ll have the opportunity to earn Mana Points with every purchase you make, which will be represented by this symbol: . These Mana Points will be accrued at ten dollar intervals, and will be stored in your Mana Pool. Orders up to $20 will earn points at the rate of 1 point per dollar, so for example if your order totaled $10, you would earn 10 Mana Points. After $20, it gets even better! From $20 - $50 your earnings rate will double, and you’ll be earning Mana Points at the rate of 2 points per dollar. It’s important to remember however that the points are still only accrued at ten dollar intervals. So for example if you spent $40 you would earn 60 Mana Points, 20 points for the first $20 spent, earned at the rate of 1 point per dollar, and 40 points for the second $20 spent, earned at the rate of 2 points per dollar. If your order is between $50 - $100, your earnings will be 3 points per dollar, and finally if your order is greater than $100 you will earn 4 Mana Points for every dollar that you spend! To help you remember, take a look at the table below.

Order Amount Earnings Rate
$0-$20 1 point/dollar
$20.01-$50 2 point/dollar
$50.01-$100 3 point/dollar
$100+ 4 point/dollar

If it all sounds confusing, don’t worry, the points you earn will automatically be calculated and added to your Mana Pool each time you check out. You won’t have to do anything, all you’ll have to worry about is deciding which great things you want to spend your points on!

Points Redemption and Expiration

Items that will be redeemable for points will be marked with the Mana Points Symbol, and you will see a point ‘cost’ for each item. Simply add the items to your shopping cart and at checkout you will be given the option to redeem points on those items. Once your points have been redeemed, they will be removed from your Mana Pool, but they will still be tallied in the total Mana Points you have accumulated over all time to qualify you for our customer recognition levels. The Mana Points you earn on your purchases will eventually expire, but you’ll have plenty of time to spend them before that happens. Mana Points will be earned over a two-month period before you can begin redeeming them. Then, once that two-month period is up, you will have an additional two months before the points you earned in that period expire. You will still be earning points on your purchases during your two-month redemption period, but they won’t be redeemable until the end of that redemption period. If this is confusing, take a look at the picture below. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us! If we notice that you have Mana Points that may be nearing expiration, we will send you an email to remind you of all the great earnings you’ve collected.

Month 1     Month 2 Month 3     Month 4 Month 5     Month 6
Earning Period (A) Earning Period (B) Earning Period (C)
- Redemption Period (A) Redemption Period (B)

Even though you can only spend in a redemption period the points you earned in the previous earning period, you will still always be earning points! We’ve only shown six months here, but your earnings will never stop, they will go on 12 months of the year!

Customer Recognition

Planeswalker’s Library wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our loyal customers. So with the introduction of our Mana Points program, we also wanted a way to recognize and reward our loyal customers. Once the new program has begun, not only will you earn Mana Points on every purchase, but the total number of Mana Points you have accrued over all time will be tallied as well. When the program first starts everyone will begin on the Common level, but over time as your points accumulate, you will move up into the Uncommon level, the Rare level, and finally reach total enlightenment at the Mythic Rare level. Higher levels will also come with further benefits, such as increased recognition, access to a wider variety of items redeemable for points, and the ability to place preorders on upcoming sets. So on behalf of everyone at Planeswalker’s Library, thank you to all our loyal customers, we look forward to seeing you in the Halls of the Mythic Rare, where the brave shall live forever!

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