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We have redesigned the account pages to be more organized and aesthetically pleasing! Your information is now organized into different tabs starting with a News tab which will display Planeswalker's Library news. Watch this tab for important updates from us! The Account Info tab is where you can save a shipping address, change your password, check your Store Credit balance, and load or delete a saved shopping cart. The new Wish Lists tab contains a list of any and all Wish Lists you have created. More on Wish Lists below. The last tab contains your order history information. You can view details on any orders you have placed with Planeswalker's Library on this tab.

Wish Lists
You can now create Wish Lists to keep an eye on cards you're interested in. Or you can share your Wish Lists with others and let them know what card's you're currently looking at getting. You can set a Wish List to Private and only you will be able to view it. If you'd like to share it with others, you will need to set it to Public. Cards can be added to any of your Wish Lists by selecting Wish List from the drop down menu next to any 'Add to Cart' button. Then click the Wish List button to select which list you'd like to add the card to (or select New Wish List to create a new list and add it to that list).

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