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We have upgraded our card detail pages to include format legalities, official Oracle Card Text, and official card Rulings. View the details page for any card and you will see a list of formats at the top of page with a visual idication whether the card is legal or not for each format. Below the card image you will notice two new sections, Official Oracle Text and Official Rulings.

The  Oracle Text is the official text of a card, which does not alway match what is printed on the card. The Oracle Text is the text that Wizards of the Coast would use on a card if it were reprinted today. Usually they're changes which are meant to clarify a card but not change the way a card works. 

The Official Rulings section contains official rulings from Wizards of the Coast which apply to that specific card. These rulings are often very helpful in clarifying what happens in confusing situations. They can also help to understand exactly how a card is supposed to work. 

We hope you enjoy and find these improvments to our Card Details pages helpful and useful. 

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