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Official Oracle Text for Liliana of the Dark Realms

Card Name:
Liliana of the Dark Realms
Casting Cost:
Planeswalker — Liliana

Card Text:
+1: Search your library for a Swamp card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
−3: Target creature gets +X/+X or -X/-X until end of turn, where X is the number of Swamps you control.
−6: You get an emblem with "Swamps you control have ‘: Add to your mana pool.'"

Official Rulings for Liliana of the Dark Realms

7/1/2012 : You can activate Liliana's first ability even if your library contains no Swamp cards (or you don't want to find one). You'll still search your library and shuffle it.

7/1/2012 : When you activate Liliana's second ability, you choose only the target creature. You choose whether that creature gets +X/+X or -X/-X when the ability resolves. The value of X is determined by the number of Swamps you control when the ability resolves.

7/1/2012 : Liliana's emblem doesn't remove any other abilities of Swamps you control.

7/1/2013 : Each of Liliana’s abilities refers to lands (or land cards) with the subtype Swamp, not just ones named Swamp.

7/1/2013 : Planeswalkers are permanents. You can cast one at the time you could cast a sorcery. When your planeswalker spell resolves, it enters the battlefield under your control.

7/1/2013 : Planeswalkers are not creatures. Spells and abilities that affect creatures won’t affect them.

7/1/2013 : Planeswalkers have loyalty. A planeswalker enters the battlefield with a number of loyalty counters on it equal to the number printed in its lower right corner. Activating one of its abilities may cause it to gain or lose loyalty counters. Damage dealt to a planeswalker causes that many loyalty counters to be removed from it. If it has no loyalty counters on it, it’s put into its owner’s graveyard as a state-based action.

7/1/2013 : Planeswalkers each have a number of activated abilities called “loyalty abilities.” You can activate a loyalty ability of a planeswalker you control only at the time you could cast a sorcery and only if you haven’t activated one of that planeswalker’s loyalty abilities yet that turn.

7/1/2013 : The cost to activate a planeswalker’s loyalty ability is represented by a symbol with a number inside. Up-arrows contain positive numbers, such as “+1”; this means “Put one loyalty counter on this planeswalker.” Down-arrows contain negative numbers, such as “-7”; this means “Remove seven loyalty counters from this planeswalker.” A symbol with a “0” means “Put zero loyalty counters on this planeswalker.”

7/1/2013 : You can’t activate a planeswalker’s ability with a negative loyalty cost unless the planeswalker has at least that many loyalty counters on it.

7/1/2013 : Planeswalkers can’t attack (unless an effect turns the planeswalker into a creature). However, they can be attacked. Each of your attacking creatures can attack your opponent or a planeswalker that player controls. You say which as you declare attackers.

7/1/2013 : If your planeswalkers are being attacked, you can block the attackers as normal.

7/1/2013 : If a creature that’s attacking a planeswalker isn’t blocked, it’ll deal its combat damage to that planeswalker. Damage dealt to a planeswalker causes that many loyalty counters to be removed from it.

7/1/2013 : If a source you control would deal noncombat damage to an opponent, you may have that source deal that damage to a planeswalker that opponent controls instead. For example, although you can’t target a planeswalker with Shock, you can target your opponent with Shock, and then as Shock resolves, choose to have Shock deal its 2 damage to one of your opponent’s planeswalkers. (You can’t split up that damage between different players and/or planeswalkers.) If you have Shock deal its damage to a planeswalker, two loyalty counters are removed from it.

7/1/2013 : If a player controls two or more planeswalkers that share a planeswalker type, that player chooses one of them and the rest are put into their owners’ graveyards as a state-based action.


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I think the only response to this is

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thats a frikkin manabitch

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How 'bout Black wolf run.

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I just don't see this going vary far... 

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Is there any way I would be able to sell or trade a MNT or NMT version of this card to this company?

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We do buy certain cards or bulk collections! Please use the Contact link to send us a message letting us know what you're interested in selling. Thanks!

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just pulled this card from a pack i won at a terny for free!