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Combust can't be countered by spells or abilities.
Combust deals 5 damage to target white or blue creature. The damage can't be prevented.

Official Rulings for Combust

8/15/2010 : Combust can be targeted by spells and abilities that try to counter it (such as Cancel). Those spells and abilities will resolve, but the part of their effect that would counter Combust won't do anything. Any other effects those spells and abilities have will work as normal.

8/15/2010 : If the targeted creature is an illegal target by the time Combust would resolve, Combust will be countered by the game rules.

8/15/2010 : Spells that create prevention effects affecting the targeted creature can still be cast, and abilities that create prevention effects affecting the targeted creature can still be activated. However, damage prevention shields (including those created before Combust was cast) don't have any effect on the damage dealt by Combust. If such a prevention effect has an additional effect, the additional effect will still work (if possible).

8/15/2010 : If a static ability would prevent damage from being dealt to the targeted creature, it fails to prevent the damage dealt by Combust. If that ability has an additional effect that doesn't depend on the amount of damage prevented, that additional effect will still work. It's applied just once as Combust resolves.

8/15/2010 : Effects that replace or redirect damage without using the word "prevent" aren't affected by Combust; they'll work as normal.

8/15/2010 : If a creature is dealt lethal damage by Combust, it can still regenerate. If it does, the damage marked on it will be removed from it.


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Author: Overthemoonbymidnight

Date: January 24, 2012


can combust be used on a planeswalker?

Author: PWLAdmin

Date: January 24, 2012


Unfortunately, no. Combust must target a white or blue card whose type is Creature. Planeswalker cards have their own type (Planeswalker). However, for any burn spell that says you can target a player, you can redirect the damage from the player to the Planeswalker.

From Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker Rules:

" If a spell or ability you control would deal damage to an opponent, you may have it deal that damage to a planeswalker that opponent controls instead. So while you can't target a planeswalker with a Shock, you can have a Shock that targets your opponent deal 2 damage to one of his or her planeswalkers instead of to the player. You can't split the damage from one source between a player and a planeswalker. Damage dealt to a planeswalker results in that many loyalty counters being removed from it."