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Official Oracle Text for Cerebral Eruption

Card Name:
Cerebral Eruption
Casting Cost:

Card Text:
Target opponent reveals the top card of his or her library. Cerebral Eruption deals damage equal to the revealed card's converted mana cost to that player and each creature he or she controls. If a land card is revealed this way, return Cerebral Eruption to its owner's hand.

Official Rulings for Cerebral Eruption

1/1/2011 : If the targeted opponent is an illegal target by the time Cerebral Eruption resolves, the spell is countered. No cards will be revealed and no damage will be dealt.

1/1/2011 : Once the card is revealed, it's too late for players to respond. The targeted opponent can't, for example, see how much damage will be dealt, then cast a damage prevention spell or activate a regeneration ability. All such actions must be done before Cerebral Eruption starts to resolve.

1/1/2011 : The converted mana cost of the revealed card is determined solely by the mana symbols printed in its upper right corner. The converted mana cost is the total amount of mana in that cost, regardless of color. For example, a card with mana cost has converted mana cost 5.

1/1/2011 : If the mana cost of the revealed card includes , X is considered to be 0.

1/1/2011 : If the revealed card has no mana symbols in its upper right corner (because it's a land card, for example), its converted mana cost is 0.

1/1/2011 : If a land card is revealed this way, Cerebral Eruption is returned to its owner's hand from the stack. It finishes resolving, but it isn't put into the graveyard.


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