Theros Devotion to Darkness Intro Pack



Contains a 60 card ready-to-play black & blue themed deck with a premium foil Abhorrent Overlord. Also included are 2 Theros Booster Packs, a strategy guide for the deck, and a Learn to Play guide. Theros Devotion to Darkness Deck List below!
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Devotion to Darkness Card List (60 Cards )

Theros Intro Pack Deck

9x Island
16x Swamp

25 Lands
1x Abhorrent Overlord
2x Blood-Toll Harpy
2x Child of Night
2x Disciple of Phenax
2x Gray Merchant of Asphodel
2x Horizon Scholar
2x Insatiable Harpy
1x Minotaur Abomination
2x Mogis's Marauder
2x Returned Phalanx
2x Undead Minotaur

20 Creatures
1x Boon of Erebos
2x Glimpse the Future
1x Griptide
1x Lash of the Whip
1x March of the Returned
1x Ordeal of Thassa
1x Pharika's Cure
1x Rescue from the Underworld
1x Sea God's Revenge
2x Sip of Hemlock
1x Voyage's End
1x Whip of Erebos
1x Witches' Eye

15 Other Spells
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