Magic 2015 (M15) Core Set Flames of the Dragon Intro Pack



This Magic: The Gathering Intro Pack contains a 60 card ready-to-play red & blue themed deck with a premium foil Siege Dragon. Also included are 2 Magic 2015 Core Set Booster Packs, a strategy guide for the deck, and a Learn to Play guide. Magic 2015 Core Set Flames of the Dragon Deck List below!
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Flames of the Dragon Card List (60 Cards )

Magic 2015 (M15) Intro Pack Deck

1x Darksteel Citadel
12x Island
12x Mountain

25 Lands
3x Aeronaut Tinkerer
3x Bronze Sable
2x Glacial Crasher
1x Hoarding Dragon
2x Juggernaut
2x Krenko's Enforcer
2x Ornithopter
1x Rummaging Goblin
3x Scrapyard Mongrel
1x Siege Dragon
2x Wall of Frost
2x Welkin Tern

24 Creatures
1x Brawler's Plate
2x Ensoul Artifact
2x Lava Axe
1x Rogue's Gloves
1x Sacred Armory
1x Shrapnel Blast
1x Staff of the Flame Magus
1x Staff of the Mind Magus
1x Tyrant's Machine

11 Other Spells
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