Born of the Gods Inspiration-Struck Intro Deck



This Intro Pack contains a 60 card ready-to-play blue & black themed deck with a premium foil Arbiter of the Ideal. Also included are 2 Born of the Gods Booster Packs, a strategy guide for the deck, and a Learn to Play guide. Born of the Inspiration-Struck Deck List below!
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Inspiration-Struck Card List (60 Cards )

Born of the Gods Intro Pack Deck

15x Island
11x Swamp

26 Lands
2x Aerie Worshippers
1x Arbiter of the Ideal
2x Black Oak of Odunos
1x Breaching Hippocamp
2x Deepwater Hypnotist
1x Felhide Minotaur
1x Forlorn Pseudamma
1x Horizon Scholar
1x Insatiable Harpy
2x Returned Phalanx
2x Servant of Tymaret
1x Shipwreck Singer
1x Siren of the Silent Song
2x Sphinx's Disciple
1x Triton Shorethief
1x Warchanter of Mogis

22 Creatures
1x Curse of the Swine
2x Evanescent Intellect
2x Griptide
1x Oracle's Insight
2x Retraction Helix
1x Sip of Hemlock
1x Siren Song Lyre
1x Springleaf Drum
1x Thassa's Bounty

12 Other Spells
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