The Tokens of Journey into Nyx

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Journey into Nyx brings us six new creature tokens. Gaze upon them below in all their glory! We've also provided the cards that create these new tokens so you'll know how you can spawn an army of these sweet tokens to do your evil bidding! 

Sphinx Token

First up is the first ever Sphinx Token for all you sphinx lovers out there. And check out the card that creates these nifty new tokens. What's better than trading one of your worthless creatures for a 4/4 flying sphinx? Trading ALL your creatures for 4/4 flying sphinxes!

Hour of Need | Magic: The Gathering cardHour of Need
Sphinx Token | Magic: The Gathering cardSphinx Token

Zombie Token

Next is possibly the coolest Zombie Token printed to date. You'll want to stock up on these bad boys. The card that spawns these mindless minions isn't too bad either.

Ritual of the Returned | Magic: The Gathering cardRitual of the Returned
Zombie Token | Magic: The Gathering cardZombie Token

Minotaur Token

Another first, the Minotaur Token! Need a couple more hard hitting creatures to attack this turn? No problem! Drop a Flurry of Horns and suddenly the battlefield will become...well...a flurry of horns!

Flurry of Horns | Magic: The Gathering cardFlurry of Horns
Minotaur Token | Magic: The Gathering cardMinotaur Token

Hydra Token

Since we're on a role here with brand new creature token types, let's do another. Hydra Token anyone? That's cool and all but what if one just isn't enough? Enter Hydra Broodmaster.

Hydra Broodmaster | Magic: The Gathering cardHydra Broodmaster
Hydra Token | Magic: The Gathering cardHydra Token

Spider Token

I know you've seen a Spider Token before, but how about an Enchantment Creature spider token?

Renowned Weaver | Magic: The Gathering cardRenowned Weaver
Spider Token | Magic: The Gathering cardSpider Token

Snake Token

This isn't your ordinary Snake Token. This is a black/green Enchantment Creature snake token that kills anything it touches and can only be created by a god!

Pharika, God of Affliction | Magic: The Gathering cardPharika, God of Affliction
Snake Token | Magic: The Gathering cardSnake Token

Now that you've seen them all, tell us which new Journey into Nyx creature token is your favorite in the comments below.



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