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Okay so you’ve immersed yourself in the videogame, heard recent hype about the new decks and cards and now you’re ready to take it even further- you’ve officially decided that it’s time to start your own physical personal deck. With all the various kinds of mana and creatures you just can’t seem to figure out which is the best for you and your personal playing style. Alas my friend, there is hope for you yet. The ever mysterious intro pack. If you’re tired of going out and spending loads of cash on pre-sorted decks and you like to have a little creative freedom with your cards then you’re probably in dire need of an intro pack or two. Now why in the heck would you, Lord Planeswalker of MtG, need an intro pack in the first place when you can just buy a master deck? The reason is plain and simple -- with in an intro pack you can have more of a say in what cards are in your deck without paying the big price for full out playing decks (intro packs come with 2 booster packs to help bolster your collection and add a few more choices). A lot of times we overlook the humble intro pack leaving them to beginners or on the store shelf to collect dust, but it’s really our loss in the end. That little deck has a lot of handy uses and purposes beside theone discussed earlier in the post. As an experienced Magic: the Gathering player you’ll want to experiment more with your creature and mana mixture. You’ll want to create the perfect army that suits your preferences and, more importantly, your playing style.

Purpose. What’s the point in having a deck that involves having meticulous strategic planning skills (that you don’t have and let’s cut the crap and be honest- gameplay is so much easier when you are dealing with a deck that you actually enjoy) when you can have one that’s moves along as quick or slow as you like with as large a variety of other cards as you want. Picking and choosing cards from different intro packs to build your own deck is the biggest favor you as a MtG player can do for yourself. You can’t do better for yourself than that. Grab key cards from the packs to enhance your own deck. Cards such as spells, token producing creatures/enchantments and even artifacts. Mixing and matching a craftful and creative deck that you literally will be the master of. I know what you’re thinking, what’s the big deal? Utilizing these packs means that you finally have the power to choose the theme and overall content of your deck. For example, let’s say you want a white and black themed deck and you choose to purchase the Born of the Gods Death’s Beginning intro deck, which is a green and black themed deck, you will have a bunch of giant earth beasts and demon-like creatures which you may or may not want to have. You could easily take the premium card, which in this case is Eater of Hope, and cards similar to it to add to your personal deck and grab the white themed cards from the intro pack Theros Favors from Nyx  (it’s premium foil being Celestial Archon).

What is reasonable and what is not? We all know that you can purchase a Magic: the Gathering intro pack for a fraction of the price that it costs to get a full deck and keep in mind that they often are accompanied by other intro packs or decks. The price alone is reason enough to start your own deck or enhance you own deck with the cards that are featured in the packs. The added bonus is the fact that you will be able to have more interesting duels. This is the perfect opportunity to play around with opposite mana themes such as: red and blue, black and white, green and black- or even mess around with creative themes red and white, red and black (Return to Ravinica Rakdos Raid), white and blue (Magic 2014 Psychic Labyrinth), and green and white. Another great idea is to buy the intro packs according to their group title. For example collect all of the Theros intro packs for about the same price you would buy a full deck for. This way you have cards that are more closely related to each other and that play off of each other’s abilities, which will most certainly make for a more entertaining game.

To sum it all up before choosing your pack(s) understand your purpose/goals by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What are my overall goals for this deck? – Knowing this is important because it will allow you to prepare yourself for the decisions ahead. Thoroughly understanding this will save you a lot of time, money and trouble in the long run.
  2. What kind of creatures do I want? – This is big. If you know you want ghouls and demons choose a black deck, as simple as that. Keep in mind that it is also important to consider item number three-
  3. What is my playing style? – If you know you are not very good at problem solving or creating solutions fast then you might want to go with a deck that has a faster speed because they tend to be comprised of more instants that will allow you win the fight quicker and easier.
  4. What do I want the theme of my deck to be? – This will help you to make your decision on which particular decks to target for your collection since after all decks do come in particular themes.

Three questions for you guys, what is your favorite intro pack and why? What about an intro pack catches your eye? Let us know by leaving us a comment in the feedback section below.

Author: Kyanna Kitt


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