Magic: The Gathering Flavor Text Quiz #1

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Welcome to our first Flavor Text Quiz! Below we're going to give you different flavor texts printed on cards from any Magic: The Gathering set that's been printed to date. Subtle hints will be provided with each flavor text. There are a total of five questions and 2 bonus questions for a total possible score of 7/5 points. Take the quiz and then let us know how you did in the comments section. I hope you've been paying attention to cards' flavor texts!

1) We'll start off with a card from a more recent set. Hint: mariners find their rest here...

Philosophers say those lost at sea ascended to a more perfect realm.
Sailors say they drowned

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2) Now for a card that's not quite as recent but still not that old. Who's watching your back in the following flavor text?

In troubled times, we all need someone to watch our back

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3) The picture on this card almost makes you feel sorry for him...

Fblthp had always hated crowds.

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4) How are you doing so far? Ready for it to get a little harder? This card is from one of the older sets. The ground beneath you might move on this card...

Volrath leaves no stone untrained

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5) Okay, last question so we've got to make it really difficult. What oft-reprinted card is the following from:

"Magic's only part of it, my friend. Diet does the rest." - Suq'Ata trader

Bonus Point #1: Which specific set is the card with this quote from?

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Pencils down! The quiz is over! How'd you do? Tell us your score in comments below. And don't forget to share this quiz with your friends on Facebook or Google+



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Author: Gabriel Chase

Date: February 25, 2014


I didn’t get the last two, alas. Nice quiz, though! Certainly fun and testing.