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Maybe you've heard of a Magic: The Gatheirng Intro Pack before but you're not quite sure what it is. If so, you've come to the right place. An intro pack is meant as an introduction to a set or block. They're great for starting your collection of cards from whatever set they're a part of. An intro pack comes with a pre-built and ready-to-play 60 card deck! Furthermore, they come with 2 booster packs to help boost your collection even more. And who knows, maybe you'll even get an epic Mythic Rare card that fits right in with your new intro deck! Intro Packs also contain a strategy guide that tells you how best to utilize your new deck and a Learn to Play guide for new players. They're the perfect way to jump into a new set!

Without further ado, below are the five new decks included in the Journey into Nyx Intro Packs.

Mortals of Myth

Journey into Nyx Mortals of Myth Intro Deck This green and white deck is all about the Heroic ability! The key strategy with this deck is to get as many heroic creatures onto the battlefield as possible. To assist with triggering your creatures' heroic ability, there are quite a few cards with the new Strive ability, which allows you to target multiple creatures. This combination really allows you to get the most out of both the heroic and strive cards.
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Mortals of Myth Card List (60 Cards )

Journey into Nyx Intro Pack Deck

11x Forest
15x Plains

26 Lands
2x Akroan Mastiff
1x Akroan Skyguard
1x Dawnbringer Charioteers
1x Elite Skirmisher
2x Golden Hind
2x Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
1x Oreskos Swiftclaw
1x Phalanx Leader
2x Pheres-Band Thunderhoof
1x Quarry Colossus
1x Skyspear Cavalry
2x Supply-Line Cranes
1x Vanguard of Brimaz
1x Wingsteed Rider

19 Creatures
2x Ajani's Presence
2x Banishing Light
2x Colossal Heroics
1x Consign to Dust
1x Font of Vigor
1x Nature's Panoply
2x Oppressive Rays
1x Phalanx Formation
1x Raised by Wolves
1x Solidarity of Heroes
1x Spear of Heliod

15 Other Spells

Fates Foreseen

Journey into Nyx Fates Foreseen Intro DeckAs the title of this deck implies, Scry is the main focus in this blue and red Journey into Nyx intro deck. Scry will allow you to make sure your next draw is exactly what you need to defeat your opponent. The deck relies on a wide variety of creatures for both offense and defense. Being partially a red deck, there are plenty of opportunities to deal damage through non-creature spells. Knowledge and Power will turn each of your Scrys into a chance to deal damage directly to your opponent or their creatures!
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Fates Foreseen Card List (60 Cards )

Journey into Nyx Intro Pack Deck

13x Island
13x Mountain

26 Lands
1x Bladetusk Boar
1x Cloaked Siren
1x Crackling Triton
1x Cyclops of Eternal Fury
2x Flamespeaker Adept
1x Omenspeaker
2x Pensive Minotaur
1x Prescient Chimera
1x Prognostic Sphinx
1x Scourge of Fleets
2x Sigiled Skink
2x Sigiled Starfish
2x Stormcaller of Keranos

18 Creatures
2x Divination
1x Font of Fortunes
1x Font of Ire
1x Interpret the Signs
2x Knowledge and Power
1x Lost in a Labyrinth
1x Magma Spray
1x Pull from the Deep
1x Rage of Purphoros
2x Riddle of Lightning
2x Rise of Eagles
1x Spite of Mogis

16 Other Spells

Pantheon's Power

Journey into Nyx Pantheon's Power Intro DeckPantheon's Power is a white and black deck focusing on Journey into Nyx's new Constellation mechanic. The constellation mechanic allows cool effects to happen whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control. As you might expect, Pantheon's Power contains quite a few enchantments so you can keep your constellation effects firing. The majority of the creatures in this deck also carry the Enchantment type as Enchantment Creatures which will also trigger your constellation abilities. Once you get just a few enchantments or creatures with constellation in play, all you need to do is keep playing enchantments and watch as your opponent is overwhelmed.
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Pantheon's Power Card List (60 Cards )

Journey into Nyx Intro Pack Deck

11x Plains
15x Swamp

26 Lands
2x Akroan Mastiff
1x Archetype of Courage
1x Archetype of Finality
1x Brain Maggot
1x Doomwake Giant
2x Dreadbringer Lampads
1x Eagle of the Watch
1x Fate Unraveler
2x Grim Guardian
2x Harvestguard Alseids
2x Nyx-Fleece Ram
2x Odunos River Trawler
1x Pharika's Chosen
1x Rotted Hulk
2x Thoughtrender Lamia
2x Underworld Coinsmith

24 Creatures
1x Armament of Nyx
1x Aspect of Gorgon
1x Banishing Light
1x Cast into Darkness
1x Font of Return
1x Font of Vigor
2x Nyx Infusion
2x Oppressive Rays

10 Other Spells

Voracious Rage

Journey into Nyx Voracious Rage Intro DeckVoracious Rage is a black and red deck built around Minotaurs. Many of the creatures available in this deck are Minotaurs and several of them give boosts or benefits to other Minotaurs. Basically, the more Minotaurs you can get in play, the stronger they (and you) will be! Voracious Rage also includes a number of spells that will diminish and destroy your opponent's forces, leaving your Minotaurs unhindered to trampling over your unsuspecting opponent.
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Voracious Rage Card List (60 Cards )

Journey into Nyx Intro Pack Deck

14x Mountain
11x Swamp

25 Lands
2x Borderland Minotaur
3x Deathbellow Raider
1x Fanatic of Mogis
2x Felhide Brawler
1x Felhide Petrifier
1x Insatiable Harpy
2x Kragma Warcaller
1x Minotaur Skullcleaver
3x Pensive Minotaur
1x Pharika's Chosen
1x Rageblood Shaman
2x Ragemonger
1x Spawn of Thraxes
1x Warchanter of Mogis

22 Creatures
1x Cast into Darkness
2x Flurry of Horns
1x Lightning Diadem
2x Magma Spray
1x Pinnacle of Rage
1x Rollick of Abandon
1x Searing Blood
2x Spiteful Blow
2x Starfall

13 Other Spells

The Wilds and the Deep

Journey into Nyx The Wilds and the Deep Intro DeckThe focus of The Wilds and the Deep green and blue deck is the Monstrosity ability which allows you to turn your creatures into true monstrosities. Monstrosity is the best way to get truly massive creatures out without having to pay a whole lot of mana all at once. Pay a little to cast the creature, then pay some more later to turn them into an unstoppable force!
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The Wilds and the Deep Card List (60 Cards )

Journey into Nyx Intro Pack Deck

15x Forest
11x Island

26 Lands
1x Agent of Horizons
1x Arbor Colossus
1x Archetype of Imagination
1x Bassara Tower Archer
1x Cloaked Siren
2x Fleetfeather Cockatrice
2x Golden Hind
1x Heroes' Bane
2x Kiora's Follower
1x Nessian Asp
1x Nessian Courser
2x Nessian Game Warden
2x Ravenous Leucrocota
2x Sealock Monster
1x Swarmborn Giant
2x Swordwise Centaur
1x Triton Shorestalker

24 Creatures
1x Defend the Hearth
2x Font of Fertility
1x Font of Fortunes
1x Hubris
1x Market Festival
1x Savage Surge
1x Thassa's Ire
2x Time to Feed

10 Other Spells



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