Journals of the Moon Sage

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Journal #13 - Release

It has been only a few of my days since the release of an archangel on this plane. The inhabitants of the land refer to her as Avacyn. This archangel seems to be a deity which the humans here worship. Their rituals are similar to the human’s worship of the spirits back on Kamigawa. The release of this archangel caused many of the enchantments to reactivate. The morale of the larger human population seems to increase with the return of their deity which has allowed them to regain the strength to fight these undead hordes that have manifested in the angel’s absence. How fascinating! I wonder how this return of power will change this world.

Journal # 18 - Devotion

It has been several cycles now since the restoration of power to the church. The church is utilizing holy power to create a type of teleportation magic. They conjure up the elements of water and light to create transportation from the ground to the sky. The humans seem to be attempting to find a way to build a new Helvault, the chamber that was used to banish their enemies and in which the was archangel trapped. The archangel is giving a select few Cathars (such a funny name for individuals) and priests these lesser powerful Helvaults, which will only be allowed to hold a few of their most powerful enemies. They seem to be attempting to get access to the moon’s rich deposits of Moonsilver which is the same substance out of which original Helvault was created.

Journal # 24 - The Shards

I have found myself on this strange plane once again. Time seems to move faster here in comparison to my own plane. The humans have finished crafting the mini Helvault which they refer to as the Shards of Avacyn (Shards for short). These shards channel the magic from the moon itself since the ore that it was created from was mined directly from the moon itself. The Cathars are to act as wardens of demons and dark spirits they catch and the Shards will be the prisons which they will keep on them at all time. The Shards also channel part of Avacyn's energy.

Journal # 29 - A Self Guided Journey Into the Shard

I find myself in quiet amusement at this very moment. I returned to the plane of Innistrad and am currently writing this journal from inside one of the mini Helvaults. The structure in here is dark but the Moonsilver that the shard is crafted from allows luminosity to bounce around the corners of the prison. I am not sure if the device shrinks me or transports me to another reality or plane. I feel that I am able to break out by traveling to another plane. I have also noticed there is a fail safe system inside of the shards which can be activated with white magic, I assume in attempts so what happened to Avacyn will not happen again.

Journal # 30 - A Self Guided Journey Out of the Shard

After enough time of being in my own imprisonment I have decided to exit the shard. I was able to bend the Moonsilver aura from inside and allow my magic to act as if it was white. As I began to send my bluish-white spear towards the weak area of the shard I noticed that a series of enchantments also protected the exit. This took me by surprise but I was able to break these enchantments easily. As I exited the shard I noticed that the Cathar upon who my shard was attached was quite surprised that someone like myself emerged. What I first noticed after my isolation was that the plane that I once knew as Innistrad was no more. The Cathar in front of me was the first sign of this realization. He seemed to be wearing some sort of fine tunic with bits of a shiny metal alloy which reflected the glistening of the sky above, which made me avert my eyes to the sky. The sky that once held a beautiful untouched moon of silver was now white with magic. At that moment I felt the magic had shifted, a shift that I was not able to feel while locked inside of the shard. A lot more time had passed than what I had thought, and this plane has tainted the Moonsilver that had brought me here.

Journal # 32 - A New Quest

I am starting a new adventure to learn more about the inhabitants of this plane and how the magic was drained from the moon. I am making my way to the largest central city that has become a collecting generator for the moon’s power. I want to figure out why the humans have these interesting devices that allow them to travel through the air now without needing wings. Also, I sense white magic has been infused in many of the surrounding areas due to the tampering of the moon. The Cathar’s cloak that I admired had pieces of Moonsilver embedded in it which allowed him to power up his white magic. A power shift has definitely occurred on this plane and I am going to get to the bottom of it.

Author: Austen Edman


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