Assassin in the City of Shadows

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The City of Shadows. Dark and intimidating it was. Some said it was only a myth, but there he was, disguised as a wizard seeking refuge from the church of Tal. Little did anyone know, Zor was sent from the church, with a mission to execute the Archmage. Wizards were said to be the blame for the chill growing evermore present in the land, and thus, their lives were forfeit. Killing the Archmage was a daunting task, but Zor knew he could do it. He had to; the pressure was on, and he normally thrived beneath it.

But the city of shadows lived up to its name. Finding anything out from the average refugee wizard was a futile task; no one knew anything. Those who did were of higher rank than Zor in the city, and were thus secretive of the information. Zor had to use his wits and rely upon his luck to get anywhere.

The city of shadows was extremely structured. Each person had a rank and a number. Some areas were restricted to those below a certain rank, and those who disobeyed this rule were subject to extreme punishments, such as torture and sometimes execution. Once Zor found the archmages chambers, he knew that at the lowest rank, he could not enter without clearing himself through many of the archmages subordinates. Many times he asked to converse with the archmage, and many times he was turned down.

“But I have information about the Church of Tal,” he would say. “I must get information to the archmage before it is too late.”

“What could you possibly know?” they would ask him. “You’re just a refugee, and a poor wizard at that. I don’t think anyone here has seen you cast any spells.” Meanwhile, Zor would skulk around about the city at night, when all else were asleep, searching for the archmage’s quarters, and once finding them, looking for a breach in security. Zor was an assassin, and this was what he was made for.

The archmage lived in a small tower in the center of the city. The windows were too high for Zor to climb in through. There were no sewers that lead to the archmage’s tower that were large enough for him to pass through. The doors were far too visible for him to simply walk in, and besides the point, the locks were magical, and Zor didn’t have the magic training to do anything about them. He quickly became frustrated by the task of getting into the building. More than once he lost his temper and assassinated a random wizard, disposing the body into the sewers, which would take it out of the city and into the sea where it would never be seen.

Though he never found anything for him to get in unseen, he did stumble upon a vast library close by. Though seldom used, it was open to everyone. Zor took it upon himself to destroy what knowledge it contained. It was a risk to his mission, but so long as the knowledge remained, anyone from times yet to come could discover the evils within it; he was obligated to destroy it. Zor started to steal scrolls and books, taking them to his quarters and burning them.

One night, after his nightly book-burning excursions, he came back to his quarters to find a note waiting on his door. Quickly reading it, he discovered that his request for an audience with the archmage has been granted. This was the moment he had been waiting for. Only a few more days to wait before he can execute the archmage.

Zor was crafty, and came up with a plan to distract the other wizards and guardians while he committed his crime. He decided he would start a fire in the library, and while everyone was in a panic, go to his meeting with the archmage and murder the man. It would be hours before anyone would find out, since they were all tending to the flames. That meant he had to set the fire, and sneak out of the library before anyone noticed. That was the flaw of his plan. That was his demise, as well. He was setting the fire as he was caught. He was thus, put to the torturers, and once found out, put to the sword.

Author: Amy Brown


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