A Heavy Endeavor: Eternal Slumber

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Maxwell Connor: student, rebel, unconventional nerd – planeswalker? A few months ago I would never have believed in this place- This strange totally unrefined new place, but today, now I stand in certainty. These creatures, these beasts of burden who now form my league are but a heavy endeavor laden upon my weathered and beaten shoulders, for under this suit of armor and cloak I am merely a mortal. I’ve earned my rank in this kingdom- Some say I am merely a traveler of the worlds unknown and that there were many of my kind here before me, and that they too held the mark of the traveler but they have all perished. I don’t know how exactly I got here, I can’t even remember my life before this but there is something inside of me, something that drives me to travel like a vagabond through the lands, through these mystical and sometimes even ethereal planes- All I can remember for sure is sitting in front of my PS3 in the middle of a game… I have but only my blood legacy to prove my case, as extraordinarily abnormal as it may be. My mind is settled on meeting a place that my body is unaware of. Hence my dilemma…

Some time ago- When I first forged my way through the cards I came across a sorceress of sorts, though I must admit she wasn’t amazingly good at her trade. I must admit that had it not been for her alien physicality… She was however a skilled and resourceful hunter-gatherer, she found me quazi-dead by a sleepy old river whose souls carried me down their channels towards her home. I vaguely remember a dark corridor was the first thing I woke to- my garments had already been changed, and I quickly noted a throbbing pain on my right forearm beneath tattered bandages. There were candle lights pulsing everywhere- No, there were huge light beetles in jars everywhere that burned so brightly I could barely see. When I came to I did, however, notice the warm humming they gave off which was almost inaudible but just enough to be noted. This place was extremely comfortable, there were loads of throw pillows and gold tinged decorations, by my bedside was fresh fruit, white and red grapes, cheeses, meat and wine. I was just about sure that any moment a beautiful maiden would appear to dance for me. I’ve been cracked in the head before, but this time really was taking the cake. I looked over to my left to see a woman, with dark brown colored skin and hip length lavender and white hair that was swirl over her shoulder in a long thick rustic braid within which she had stashed tiny white wildflowers still connected to their vines. She was mixing mossy thick herbs in a stone bowl. I could barely make out her face from the shadow the darkness had cast into the corner of the room. Just as I began to make out her figure she stood to her feet, dressed in a dark onyx black gown she made her way to the right side of the bed.

“Good. You’re awake." Silence met the air for a brief second. "Those things that hosted you down the river, hippocampi, don’t just give free rides, they almost drained your aura completely. They feed on the living, humans like you mostly- They’re vicious little sucklings,” she stuffed a hand sized cloth bolster into my mouth and ripped the bandage off and smeared the funky nasty green goop onto the pain. You know what it feels like to throw alcohol onto an open wound? Well this was fifty times worse. I bit down on the cloth and choked back my pain. I can still feel it to this day.

“This stuff will prove quite useful to you. It is a natural remedy- It’s incredibly rich in green manna, your manna. You will learn that the quicker you begin to utilize your environment, the quicker you will be able to survive our living conditions. You must learn to survive on the plants, they comprise most of your energy- our realm is ever changing…This place, is unlike anything you have ever endured and quite frankly I’m sure by the looks of you, you haven’t really endured much- Welcome to Shandalar my friend,” she pounded my shoulder with what I’m sure were just friendly pats.

We play games we don’t live them. I quickly learned that projecting myself here is sort of like being asleep- except the conventional pinch in the arm won’t wake you. And all of the control belongs to the terra.

That welcoming memory will forever be emblazoned in my mind. It was my awakening and the beginning of my fulfillment. Acacia was the first person I met here, and she has proven time and time again to be a worthy ally and friend. Those old days I was new and foolish. I didn’t know my own strength and capitalized my weakness. I was just another defeated adversary looking for a way out, not because I couldn’t finish the battle but because I simply didn’t want to. Fear to the beasts of these lands, friends of my friends and sometimes, even foe of my foe is what attracts your ‘company’. Your vulnerability will be the death of you. These banshees, goblins and wraiths can smell it from a mile away. My memory of earth is quickly receding and being replaced with my new home and my new family. I often time think of this displacement as a blessing or some sort of second chance. I’m now a part of a world that I believed was just a game. My battles have encouraged my growth, my growth has incited my wisdom, and my wisdom is what led me to my power as rightful heir and Overlord of the Temples of Bane. I was lucky to have had her find me there the way she did when she did. She gave me more than a reason to battle; she gave me a reason to live on. My life here is just beginning.

Author: Kyanna Kitt


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